Tsunami 2011

Japan: After the Wave (msnbc.com trip three months after the tsunami):

Back in the Swing: Tsunami Kids’ Jazz Band Again Making Joyful Noise
Tsunami Town’s Fishermen Vow to ‘Bring Joy Back’
Post-Tsunami Parenting No Task for the Faint of Heart
Leaving Shelters Lands Some Tsunami Survivors in Deep Trouble
Town’s Dilemma: Mountains of Tsunami Debris, No Place to Put It
To Honor the Dead — And Living — Tsunami Town Will Rebuild

Family of US Teacher Killed in Japan Tsunami Travel Road to Acceptance

Mekong River Dam at Center of High-Stakes Conservation Fight
The Show Goes on Minus Detained Chinese Artist
Family Grapples With Son’s Death in Army in Afghanistan, Believes He was Driven to Suicide


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