Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Wall Street was the first major U.S. story to thrust me back into domestic news after many years reporting abroad in Asia and the Caribbean. It gave me a good feel for the issues facing many Americans today — foreclosures, student debt, and immigrant and labor rights, the pushback against corporate personhood and the fight for freedom of speech and use of public space. I spent many, many hours and long nights attending General Assemblies and following protesters on marches in New York and Chicago. I’ve assembled a selection of some of my more in-depth articles. Feedback appreciated!

One year later, what ever happened to Occupy Wall Street?
‘Battle for the soul of Occupy’: Activists fear becoming Democratic ‘pet’
‘Tea and Occupy’ — a discussion/debate between members of the two movements
Occupy Congress: Could it be politics as unusual?
To demand or not to demand? That is the ‘Occupy’ question
Dissension among the ranks at Occupy Wall Street
Photoblog: Who is occupying Wall Street?
‘Occupy’ protesters find allies in ranks of the wealthy
Old guard back in the trenches at ‘Occupy’ protests
Tale of a Southern ‘Occupy’: Nashville aims to bridge political divides
Great-grandma: Ready to ‘lose’ my life protesting
US veterans to return war medals

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