LGBT Rights: Marriage, Kids and More

I’ve covered the LGBT community since New York state voted to allow gay marriage in 2011. There has been a lot of change since then, here is a collection of my articles on the beat.

Sex Offenders No More? Iowa Reconsiders Tough Law on HIV Exposure
‘San Antonio 4′ speak out after prison release: ‘We’re actually innocent’
3 of ‘San Antonio 4′ freed pending new trial decision, lawyer says
Gay Couples Fight for Parenting Rights Despite Marriage Wins
‘We’re outta here!’: Gay couples in exile return to America post-DOMA decision
Rights within reach: For some gay couples, marriage is mere miles away — but that’s still too far
‘For everybody but us’: Many same-sex couples left out of historic court rulings
‘I cried, I cried’: DOMA widow says on hearing of Supreme Court win

Related coverage: Boy Scouts of America controversial ban on gay adults

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