‘It’s Still the Best and Worst Day of Our Lives’: Couple Grows from Boston Attack

My latest on Rebekah (now DiMartino) and her husband Pete as the one-year anniversary of the attack drew near. The emotional wounds were starting to emerge more as Rebekah confronted the reality that she may soon be amputating her left leg after many surgeries to try and salvage it over the year. But they were turning this April into their April, with their April 4 nuptials and Rebekah’s 27th birthday to celebrate on April 12. Read more about what they’ve gone through here.

You can also see their lives in photos throughout the last year since I met Pete three weeks after the bombings.

“The relationship with Rebekah has become so strong because of everything that we have gone through and a lot of my relationships in general have strengthened because of this,” Pete told me. “I also feel like we have been given a gift, a second chance to be the best people that we can be.”

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